Scuba Quest and NAUI offer the finest scuba course available!

Course Cost is $399

The course includes all classroom and pool sessions, plus 4 open water dives. May have additional lake fee ($15.00)

Elearning package includes Elearning, record folder, dive tables, checkout dive log sheet, digital cert. card.

Personal equipment REQUIRED by student: Mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt and weights.       

Equipment PROVIDED by SCUBA QUEST: Tanks, regulators w/octopus and gauges and buoyancy compensator, and wetsuit.


Do I need a medical clearance from my doctor prior to the course starting?
When you sign up for a class our staff will have you read through the medical form to see if you need clearance from your doctor. This questionnaire helps to ensure the safety of you and others.

What do I need to have for the class, what do you provide?
Your personal gear required for class includes Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Weight Belt, Weights, Surface Marker Buoy and a time keeping device (water proof watch or computer). We have all of these things for sale at the store. You’re welcome to bring outside gear; but one of our instructors will need to check to make sure it’s adequate for scuba diving use.
We provide the BCD, Regulators, Tanks, and Wetsuits as part of your class. In addition to the eLearning Course, classroom, pool, and boat dives. The Lake Denton dive is $15 per person admission.

What is the course schedule and activities?
Prior to the start of your course we require you to complete the NAUI Scuba Diver eLearning. Instructions and the sign up code will be provided once you pay for and choose a course. This eLearning course allows us to shorten the classroom time and extend the pool time by having to focus only on key information. The first day of the course consists of paperwork and classroom lecture. After that you will have both pool and classroom sessions, the exact schedule will be provided during the first day of class. During the pool sessions you will learn emergency and practical skills to make you an effective and safe diver. The classroom sessions covers theory, physics, physiology and dive planning.
After you complete the pool and classroom sessions you will complete two days of diving. The first day is generally at Lake Denton ($15 Admission per person) and the second day is on a boat in Pompano, Florida aboard the Scuba Tyme vessel. We usually dive on a wreck and reef this day. The cost of the boat is included, but tips for the boat crew is highly encouraged.
In the case of unsafe ocean/lake conditions we will either reschedule the dives or divert to another dive location.

Why do we dive on the east coast of Florida?
Within one mile of shore on the east coast we have beautiful reefs and breathtaking wrecks. The conditions are usually more suitable for effective and safe training. In addition, the dive boats are better suited to handle our group classes effectively.
Ask our staff about diving in the Gulf of Mexico. We have a number of private charter companies that handle small groups of divers.

There is no difference among agencies, all agencies follow the same standards, the quality of your course comes down to the Instructor, and Scuba Quest has the BEST! Certification’s from all agencies are interchangeable.
No matter where you travel your NAUI Certification will be accepted.

What’s next after my Scuba Diver certification?
With 71% of the earth covered by water the possibilities are endless! What ever you desire from photography to technical diving we have you covered at Scuba Quest!

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